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4 Reason To Choose Hero bike Insurance Policy Online

The largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India is Hero Motocorp Ltd., with a market share of over 40% in the two-wheeler industry. It began operating in 1984 as a joint venture with Honda, a significant Japanese producer of two-wheelers.

Hero MotoCorp's worldwide base, the Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT), located in Jaipur, houses top-tier research and development capabilities. With a 9 million unit yearly manufacturing capacity, it has grown to be the biggest manufacturer.

Why go for hero bike insurance?

Comprehensive Hero automobile insurance plans provide a wide range of optional coverage elements, which you can select at an additional cost and an inclusive scope of coverage. These coverage perks are referred to as add-ons since you can add them to your base insurance. The following two-wheeler accessories are frequently available:

  • Towing service

If you select this add-on, you are guaranteed 24-hour assistance from the hero insurance provider in an emergency. If your bike breaks down while you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can phone your insurance provider for help, and they will give you the support you require.

  • 0% depreciation

The bike parts no longer experience any depreciation thanks to this add-on. The hero insurance provider does not subtract depreciation from the elements that have been repaired or replaced when you file a claim under your bike insurance policy. Therefore, if you choose the add-on, you will be compensated fully for the repairs as claimed.

  • NCB security

You receive an NCB (no claim bonus) each year if you don't file a claim. The bonus rate also rises for each year that passes without a suit. However, the NCB is reduced to zero if a claim is lodged. However, if this add-on is chosen, you can still keep your NCB even if you've filed a lawsuit with the insurance company.

  • Back to invoice

The insurance provider will cover the invoice price of the bike if it is stolen, destroyed beyond repair, or both. As a result, the add-on increases the claim's value and provides you with the highest possible financial reimbursement.

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